Lightsaber Forms

Form 1 Shii-cho
Important Details – Based on traditional swordplay, simple and direct attacks. More interested in disarming the opponent.

Focus – Take advantage of any opening, or force an opening in the opponents defense, strike and return to defense if they are not defeated

Strength – Parries intended to cause an opening for attack, Strength

Weakness – single target, not effective against blasters or other lightsaber users

Form 2 Makashi
Important Details – Often used for Duelists, most elegant movements of all forms.

Focus – Lightsaber to Lightsaber combat, avoid being disarmed while disarming the opponent

Strength – Effective in both retreat and advance, tactical and technical movements using feints to confuse opponents, defense against force-based attacks

Weakness – Single target, not effective against blasters, can be overwhelmed by strength

Form 3 Soresu
Important Details – Designed to make up for the lack of defence in both form 1 and 2

Focus – Block and reflect blaster fire, supreme defense against numerous opponents, or individuals, employ tactics moment to moment.

Strength – Parries, blaster deflection/blocking, endurance, counterattacks

Weakness – offense

Form 4 Ataru
Important Details – The polar opposite of form 3

Focus – Offense, end the fight quickly. Utilize the force to enhance movement, acrobatic

Strength – Speed, Strength, Force enhanced movement

Weakness – Requires open space to be used effectively, tiring use of the force, defense, single target

Form 5 Shien/Djem So
Important Details – Created to fall in between form 3 and 4, effective defence and offence, switching from one to the other. Shien, focused on defence against blasters and ranged weapons. Djem So, focused on melee and lightsaber opponents. They hardly differed from one another and were practiced by both.

Focus – Utilize any advantage, defend as needed, strike without warning

Strength – Counterattacks, Force enhanced Strength

Weakness – Mobility, tiring use of the force

Form 6 Niman
Important Details – Combined double-bladed lightsaber combat with force abilities like push and lift.

Focus – Use force powers to achieve victory, without dominating the opponent

Strength – Intentional moves augmented by force abilities, defence

Weakness – Absolutely innefective against form 2

Lightsaber Forms

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